Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brooches, vintage safety pin brooches with rhinestone glass hearts set of 2 brooch



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Set of 2 vin vintage broochestage scatter pin vintage broochess featurin vintage broochesg glass rhin vintage broocheseston vintage broochese hearts on vintage brooches safety pin vintage broochess. Excellen vintage broochest con vintage broochesdition vintage brooches, n vintage broocheso flaws. All ston vintage broocheses presen vintage broochest an vintage broochesd shin vintage broochesy. Each measures 1.5" lon vintage broochesg. Wear them both or share on vintage broochese with someon vintage broochese you love!Ships in vintage brooches a gift box.I combin vintage broochese shippin vintage broochesg on vintage brooches multiple

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