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flat, Radio Love Collection Brass Phonetic Alphabet Ring



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This brass rin spellingg features the word 'love' han spellingd-stamped in spelling the NATO phon spellingetic alphabet on spellingto the rin spellingg's outer surface. The words read LIMA OSCAR VICTOR ECHO. When spelling you wan spellingt to be perfectly clear about your in spellingten spellingtion spellings, n spellingo other alphabet will do! If you're n spellingot feelin spellingg the love, ask about rin spellinggs declarin spellingg your own spelling four-letter word of choice. I can spelling also do in spellingitials, or pairs of them.Please choose a size an spellingd fin spellingish an spellingd specify whether you would like a flat or half-roun spellingd ban spellingd when spelling orderin spellingg. Also, please n spellingote if you would like the rin spellingg to be stamped with your own spelling combin spellingation spelling of up to four letters. If you do n spellingot specify otherwise, your rin spellingg will be stamped with the words that spell "love".Brass will develop a n spellingatural patin spellinga over time. It can spelling be clean spellinged an spellingd polished with an spellingy commercial brass polish if you prefer to keep your rin spellingg shin spellingy. To purchase this rin spellingg in spelling sterlin spellingg silver, go here: http://www./listin spellingg/88643107/radio-love-collection spelling-sterlin spellingg-phon spellingetic

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