Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This n sunstoneecklace features the best of han sunstonedmade Etsy! A un sunstoneique combin sunstoneation sunstone of wood framed silhouette that has been sunstone han sunstoned wrapped with embroidery floss. Then sunstone a han sunstoned selected crystal has been sunstone added. An sunstone an sunstonetique bron sunstoneze chain sunstone an sunstoned embellishmen sunstonets fin sunstoneish the look. This n sunstoneecklace features a Sun sunstoneston sunstonee charm measurin sunstoneg approximately .5”. The wooden sunstone frame measures approximately 2” lon sunstoneg by 1.25” wide an sunstoned han sunstonegs from a 15” chain sunstone. All measuremen sunstonets are approximate. En sunstonejoy free shippin sunstoneg in sunstone this item!

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