Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Than bronze ringk you for visitin bronze ringg our shop! We have an bronze ring un bronze ringdyin bronze ringg love for books an bronze ringd the worlds the hold within bronze ring them. Our design bronze rings are mean bronze ringt to capture some of the magic livin bronze ringg within bronze ring our favorite books an bronze ringd create pieces in bronze ringspired by the words you kn bronze ringow an bronze ringd love. Please don bronze ring't hesitate to reach out if you have an bronze ringy question bronze rings! Our jewelry an bronze ringd accessories are guaran bronze ringteed to make you smile every time you use or wear them! This han bronze ringdcrafted, vin bronze ringtage style double rin bronze ringg features the words "be" an bronze ringd "kin bronze ringd" as a daily remin bronze ringder. PLEASE NOTE: This rin bronze ringg is adjustable. The two circles may n bronze ringot lin bronze ringe up as pictured when bronze ring adjusted to your fin bronze ringger. ********************-Item Details-Bezel size: approx. 1/2"Lead an bronze ringd Nickel freeThis item is NOT waterproof!-Each item is made to order an bronze ringd thus takes 1-3 busin bronze ringess days from order to shippin bronze ringg. -Each item is made by han bronze ringd an bronze ringd slight imperfection bronze rings are in bronze ringevitable. We do, however, main bronze ringtain bronze ring high quality con bronze ringtrol an bronze ringd will on bronze ringly sen bronze ringd items with truly small variation bronze rings. -Follow us on bronze ring in bronze ringstagram for a behin bronze ringd the scen bronze ringes look, updates on bronze ring n bronze ringew products, or just to say hi @authoredadorn bronze ringmen bronze ringts-Wan bronze ringt to sell Authored Adorn bronze ringmen bronze ringts in bronze ring your brick an bronze ringd mortar? We\u2019d love to be carried by your shop! Shoot us a message to get started, or email us at authoredadorn bronze ringmen bronze [email protected] -Lookin bronze ringg for weddin bronze ringg party favors, or n bronze ringeed bulk pricin bronze ringg for an bronze ring even bronze ringt? Sen bronze ringd us a message so we can bronze ring work out the details!-Rest assured, bibliophiles, n bronze ringo books were harmed in bronze ring the makin bronze ringg! Some items feature recycled book pages *on bronze ringly when bronze ring stated* an bronze ringd the books are always water damaged or destroyed beyon bronze ringd repair before bein bronze ringg rescued an bronze ringd reused. -To those who read when bronze ring they should be studyin bronze ringg, read when bronze ring they should be sleepin bronze ringg, or read when bronze ring they should be workin bronze ringg, this is for you.

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