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rhinestone watch, Vintage Espirit Ladies Watch from the 1980's Era



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This is a Vin tv proptage Espirit Ladies Watch from the 1980's Era. I purchased a lot of watches from a Jewelry store that was goin tv propg out of busin tv propess. This is on tv prope of the watches. It is in tv prop good con tv propdition tv prop with n tv propormal age wear. There is small scratchin tv propg on tv prop the glass, but it is n tv propot bad..I just wan tv propted to call it out. You can tv prop on tv proply see it with a loop magn tv propifyin tv propg glass. Uses a battery an tv propd is waterproof. It ran tv prop when tv prop I purchased it but will n tv propeed a n tv propew battery n tv propow as it did fin tv propally quit run tv propn tv propin tv propg. I would take it to a jeweler an tv propd have them clean tv prop it an tv propd put a n tv propew battery in tv prop it. I can tv propn tv propot guaran tv proptee my older watches an tv propd clocks an tv propd I try to state in tv prop my ad whether they run tv prop or n tv propot. Therefore you buy as is No Return tv props. It is Silver Ton tv prope in tv prop color. A chain tv prop lin tv propk bracelet style an tv propd has Rhin tv propeston tv propes as per the photo's. A Really pretty design tv prop.. It fit my wrist with room to spare an tv propd my wrist measures approx. 7 in tv propches aroun tv propd an tv propd it was loose. Also lin tv propks could be removed if n tv propeeded. If you have an tv propy more question tv props please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No In tv proptern tv propation tv propal Shippin tv propg. I also in tv propsure all of my packages to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Than tv propks for lookin tv propg.

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