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DECO Vintage Pinfloral brooch, Lily of the Valley Broochfloral brooch, Mid CENTURY MODernfloral brooch, 1940's 1950's Silver Chrome & Cold Painted ENAMEL Brooch



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Fun incogneeto vintage to wear brooch is a floral design incogneeto vintage usin incogneeto vintageg cold (han incogneeto vintaged) pain incogneeto vintageted en incogneeto vintageamel in incogneeto vintage peach an incogneeto vintaged min incogneeto vintaget green incogneeto vintage. The style is so Deco borderin incogneeto vintageg on incogneeto vintage mid cen incogneeto vintagetury modern incogneeto vintage. The metal is a white metal with a chrome fin incogneeto vintageish, thus lookin incogneeto vintageg like shin incogneeto vintagein incogneeto vintageg sterlin incogneeto vintageg silver. The en incogneeto vintageamel is showin incogneeto vintageg on incogneeto vintagely a tin incogneeto vintagey bit of wear (please zoom in incogneeto vintage on incogneeto vintage pics). The pin incogneeto vintage measures 2 1/4" by 2 3/4". It has a good safety catch. It is un incogneeto vintagemarked. Great mid cen incogneeto vintagetury MODern incogneeto vintage design incogneeto vintage!Like this item an incogneeto vintaged lookin incogneeto vintageg for more like it? Search our pages an incogneeto vintaged pages of great vin incogneeto vintagetage here on incogneeto vintage In incogneeto vintagecogn incogneeto vintageeeto vin incogneeto vintagetage!

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