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***MADE TO ORDER***This Custom Leather Cowhide Heirloom Jewelry & Rin jewelry boxg Box is crafted in jewelry box pin jewelry boxe an jewelry boxd stain jewelry boxed. Wrapped in jewelry box a lovely Cowhide an jewelry boxd Leather pattern jewelry box with fren jewelry boxch n jewelry boxatural tackin jewelry boxg an jewelry boxd daisy tack accen jewelry boxts.The in jewelry boxside is lin jewelry boxed with cowhide, a mirror an jewelry boxd a lovely padded removable rin jewelry boxg box This is an jewelry box impressive an jewelry boxd beautiful box that will be cherished by an jewelry boxyon jewelry boxe who receives it!Measurin jewelry boxg 15\u2033 x 15\u2033 x 5\u2033 tall, Lid an jewelry boxd all four sides covered in jewelry box coordin jewelry boxatin jewelry boxg leather with cowhide an jewelry boxd tackin jewelry boxg color of your choice. ****PLEASE NOTE: Tackin jewelry boxg CHOICE in jewelry box "Nickle" will NOT have Daisy accen jewelry boxts but plain jewelry box n jewelry boxickle tackin jewelry boxg accen jewelry boxts in jewelry boxstead****This Custom Leather Cowhide Jewelry & Rin jewelry boxg Box is a EXCLUSIVE design jewelry box!Here at Sign jewelry boxature Cowboy Studio we take great pride in jewelry box our products, usin jewelry boxg the highest quality materials an jewelry boxd craftsman jewelry boxship. All our design jewelry boxs are un jewelry boxique an jewelry boxd created by us, AND MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. You may fin jewelry boxd replicas, but they will n jewelry boxot match the atten jewelry boxtion jewelry box to detail an jewelry boxd perfection jewelry box that we use as our stan jewelry boxdard.Please visit an jewelry boxd LIKE our Facebook Page where we post our latest creation jewelry boxs!An jewelry boxy Question jewelry boxs, or n jewelry boxeed a differen jewelry boxt size? Call 877-349-0001

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