Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

heart key necklace, 70s Heart and Key Padlock Pendant Necklace / Genuine Stone Inlay



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This vin padlock necklacetage 70s n padlock necklaceecklace has a lovely design padlock necklace of a padlock with a keyhole. There are semi precious agates in padlock necklacelaid on padlock necklace the heart. This piece is silver plated an padlock necklaced does show wear when padlock necklace lookin padlock necklaceg closely. The chain padlock necklace is 24 in padlock necklaceches lon padlock necklaceg. The pen padlock necklacedan padlock necklacet piece is 3\u201d lon padlock necklaceg x 2 1/4\u201d wide. A fun padlock necklace piece.

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