Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

daisies, long vintage glass bead daisy chain necklace - amber orange and white



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Vin layering necklacetage han layering necklacedmade, han layering necklaced beaded daisy chain layering necklace n layering necklaceecklace. The glass beads are amber oran layering necklacege an layering necklaced white. Excellen layering necklacet con layering necklacedition layering necklace, n layering necklaceo flaws. Con layering necklacetin layering necklaceuous stran layering necklaced- n layering necklaceo closures. Like seed beads, but bigger. Measures 38" (han layering necklacegs 19".)Ships in layering necklace a gift box.I combin layering necklacee shippin layering necklaceg on layering necklace multiple

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