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Mexican Plique a Jour ENAMELplique a jour enamel, Sterling SILVER Pendant Necklace/ Aztec Warrior Princess



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This Mexican sterling pendant silver piece features an sterling pendant Aztec Prin sterling pendantcess Warrior with plique-a-jour en sterling pendantamelin sterling pendantg. The design sterling pendant is cut out in sterling pendantto the silver an sterling pendantd the en sterling pendantamel is behin sterling pendantd it givin sterling pendantg the piece a stain sterling pendanted glass appearan sterling pendantce. The bail is marked "TM-190" an sterling pendantd the word Mexico. This dates it post 1980. Measures 1 5/8" height x 1 1/4" width. Chain sterling pendant is 23 1/2\u201d lon sterling pendantg.In sterling pendant great con sterling pendantdition sterling pendant.

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