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mod, Happy Trees -Wood Origami earrings



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***Due to Covid-19 Stay In happy trees Place in happy trees our city, all orders will be shipped out after April 8th. Than happy treesk you an happy treesd stay healthy! xoby n happy treesiceLen happy treesa\r\r---prin happy treest on happy trees fron happy treest, solid color back----\rJapan happy treesese Origami & decorative paper cutouts by han happy treesd, fused on happy treesto han happy treesd pain happy treested wood disks an happy treesd sealed with three layers of glaze. \r\rThis look was origin happy treesally design happy treesed in happy trees 2003 on happy trees patin happy treesa metal disks an happy treesd has turn happy treesed in happy treesto n happy treesiceLen happy treesa's most popular lin happy treese. It has also in happy treesspired man happy treesy others to look at paper in happy trees a differen happy treest way. I am con happy treesstan happy treestly on happy trees the look out for n happy treesew prin happy treests so, check back often happy trees.\r\rsilver plated ear wire\r\rwood size: 1.25"---\rlon happy treesg 3"\rshort: 1.5" (without stem)\r\r\rmore prin happy treests available: http://www./shop/n happy treesiceLen happy treesa?section happy trees_id=7807765

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