Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

miriam haskell, 40s Miriam HASKELL BRASS Fringe Chain Necklace & Original by ROBERT Pin



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This gen signed jewelryuin signed jewelrye, un signed jewelrysign signed jewelryed Miriam Haskell n signed jewelryecklace is made of brass chain signed jewelry with lots of frin signed jewelryge; it is a great example of the elegan signed jewelryt simplicity of Miriam Haskell. It is in signed jewelry won signed jewelryderful con signed jewelrydition signed jewelry with a warm patin signed jewelrya. The n signed jewelryecklace measures 16\u201d in signed jewelry len signed jewelrygth with each frin signed jewelryge han signed jewelrygin signed jewelryg down signed jewelry just un signed jewelryder 2\u201d.It has a \u201cn signed jewelryo thumb thin signed jewelrygy\u201d sprin signed jewelryg rin signed jewelryg clasp that closes securely.Married to the Haskell n signed jewelryecklace is an signed jewelry \u201cOrigin signed jewelryal by Robert\u201d pin signed jewelry/pen signed jewelrydan signed jewelryt. It measures just about 4\u201d lon signed jewelryg by 1 1/2\u201d width. Features an signed jewelry opal glass cen signed jewelryter ston signed jewelrye surroun signed jewelryded by smaller ston signed jewelryes with dan signed jewelryglin signed jewelryg brass frin signed jewelryge that en signed jewelryds in signed jewelry more opalescen signed jewelryt beads.Wear them together or separately. They are both great pieces on signed jewelry their own signed jewelry an signed jewelryd magn signed jewelryificen signed jewelryt combin signed jewelryed!

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