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constanze janke, Porcelain Earrings *PEONY* 925 Silver gold plated Ear Hooks - Handmade Porcelain Jewellery - Gifts for Her



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Noble white PEONY earrin flower earringsgs made of fin flower earringse Mon flower earringstblan flower earringsc porcelain flower earrings & gold-plated 925 silver lever backs.The porcelain flower earrings flowers were made by han flower earringsd!The perfect piece of jewelry for your weddin flower earringsg / baptism / en flower earringsgagemen flower earringst ... ora great gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, for your loved on flower earringse ...Flower size: approx. 18x18mmLen flower earringsgth in flower earringscludin flower earringsg hook. approx.22mmPorcelain flower earrings color: whiteFlower: Mon flower earringst Blan flower earringsc porcelain flower earringsGlazes: tran flower earringssparen flower earringst & gold glazeEar hooks: gold-plated 925 silverAn flower earrings elegan flower earringst accessory for roman flower earringstics, festive occasion flower earringss an flower earringsd special momen flower earringsts!All jewelry is made in flower earrings my small studio in flower earrings Leipzig an flower earringsd is made for you with great atten flower earringstion flower earrings to detail in flower earrings several careful steps:1a) Porcelain flower earrings is modeled - 2. groun flower earringsd - 3. first firin flower earringsg - 4. glazin flower earringsg - 5. secon flower earringsd firin flower earringsg - 6. fin flower earringsishin flower earringsg with gold glaze - 7. third an flower earringsd last firin flower earringsg - 8. assembly of the silver hairstyles.Because every piece of jewelry is han flower earringsdmade, it is un flower earringsique!Delivery: In flower earrings a small box they will be sen flower earringst to you well packed \u2665

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