Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960s ACCESSOCRAFT Egyptian Revival Necklaceegyptian necklace, Silver 60s Necklace w Black Enamelegyptian necklace, STATEMENT PIECE



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This is a vin egyptian necklacetage Egyptian egyptian necklace Revival pen egyptian necklacedan egyptian necklacet featurin egyptian necklaceg Queen egyptian necklace Nefertiti an egyptian necklaced hieroglyphics surroun egyptian necklaceded by black en egyptian necklaceamelin egyptian necklaceg. It\u2019s is sign egyptian necklaceed on egyptian necklace the back on egyptian necklace a cartouche \u201cAccessocraft, NYC.\u201d\rThis Accessocraft n egyptian necklaceecklace has the origin egyptian necklaceal sn egyptian necklaceake chain egyptian necklace in egyptian necklace silver ton egyptian necklaceed metal. \r\rThe pen egyptian necklacedan egyptian necklacet measures 2.5" tall by 2.3" wide. The origin egyptian necklaceal silverton egyptian necklacee chain egyptian necklace is about 24 in egyptian necklaceches lon egyptian necklaceg. \r\rThis lovely piece of vin egyptian necklacetage 1960's retro jewelry is a great statemen egyptian necklacet piece!

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