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vintage cameo pin, Silver 1940's Black Onyx & White Shell CAMEO Pin or Pendant / 800 Silver HAND CARVED Cameo Brooch



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This is a pretty black on steampunkyx an steampunkd pain steampunkted white, real shell cameo pin steampunk or pen steampunkdan steampunkt set in steampunk an steampunk 800 silver frame. The gen steampunkuin steampunke shell cameo is han steampunkd carved in steampunk detailed relief an steampunkd is set again steampunkst a black on steampunkyx backgroun steampunkd. The cameo appears to be a gen steampunkuin steampunke shell that has been steampunk pain steampunkted white. If you look at the close-ups you can steampunk see some of the white pain steampunkt on steampunk the edge of the back of her head. I have sin steampunkce clean steampunked that up just to see if it would come off an steampunkd it did. I also polished the frame a little bit more than steampunk it is in steampunk the pictures. It is marked 800 silver on steampunk the bottom of the back. There is a loop at the top where you could put a chain steampunk through an steampunkd wear her as a n steampunkecklace. This is a very un steampunkique piece an steampunkd I am simply guessin steampunkg as to the Vin steampunktage because I am n steampunkot positive sin steampunkce I\u2019ve n steampunkever seen steampunk on steampunke like it.This cameo pen steampunkdan steampunkt measures 1 3/4\u201d height x 1 3/8\u201d width. Clasp works well.

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