Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s-80s Vintage FIGURAL Brooch Lotenameled bird pin, 5 Goldtone Animal Pinsenameled bird pin, Fishenameled bird pin, Cicadaenameled bird pin, Seagullenameled bird pin, Frogenameled bird pin, Butterfly Jewelry Lot



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This lot features 5 brooches for on seagull brooche price, buy all 5 for on seagull brooche mon seagull broochey! They are un seagull broochsign seagull brooched to in seagull broochdicate design seagull broocher.All clasps are tight an seagull broochd secure an seagull broochd the con seagull broochdition seagull brooch is good except the frog is missin seagull broochg ston seagull brooches.

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