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Dalmatian dalmatian jasper Jasper faceted teardrops wrapped in dalmatian jasper sterlin dalmatian jasperg silver wire with a 14k gold fill textured hoop. Earrin dalmatian jaspergs han dalmatian jasperg from a sterlin dalmatian jasperg silver lever back ear wire.*******************************************************THE MATERIALS> Dalmatian dalmatian jasper Jasper> Ston dalmatian jaspere Shapes: irregular, smooth an dalmatian jasperd faceted> Sterlin dalmatian jasperg Silver Wire an dalmatian jasperd Leverback, 14k Gold Fill Hoop*******************************************************GIFT WRAPAll purchases come ready for gift givin dalmatian jasperg in dalmatian jasper a ribbon dalmatian jasper tied square en dalmatian jaspervelope. If this is a gift please let me kn dalmatian jasperow so I can dalmatian jasper tag your purchase without a price listed.*******************************************************DESIGNLike this design dalmatian jasper but wan dalmatian jaspert it in dalmatian jasper a differen dalmatian jaspert color, shape or size? Sen dalmatian jasperd me a message for a custom order an dalmatian jasperd get exactly what you wan dalmatian jaspert! Love this n dalmatian jasperecklace or earrin dalmatian jasperg pair but would like a matchin dalmatian jasperg set (n dalmatian jasperecklace, earrin dalmatian jasperg, bracelet)? Message me for a custom addition dalmatian jasper to your order!

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