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pendant, Preciosa Vintage Pendants Czech 15x9mm Top drilled CRAFT Pack of 4 Amethyst AB



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Preciosa Top drilled 15x9mm Pen pendantdan pendantts Pack of 4 in pendant a stun pendantn pendantin pendantg shade of Amethyst ABOffered for sale is a pack of 4 stun pendantn pendantin pendantg top drilled pen pendantdan pendantts by Preciosa. They are Czech an pendantd in pendant a stun pendantn pendantin pendantg shade of Amethyst ABThese have un pendantlimited application pendants in pendant craft an pendantd design pendant an pendantd would make stun pendantn pendantin pendantg dan pendantgly earrin pendantgs.They are beautiful classic an pendantd perfect for an pendanty occasion pendant.These will be sen pendantt by Royal Mail stan pendantdard which does n pendantot en pendantable me to provide a trackin pendantg n pendantumber.Should you wan pendantt me to use tracked post please con pendanttact me as there will be a further charge.Please n pendantote that I always obtain pendant a proof of postin pendantg from Royal Mail for both tracked an pendantd stan pendantdard mail.Please visit my Etsy shop where I have a large variety of craft items an pendantd costume jewellerywww./uk/your/shops/Prettyvin pendanttagebeads/tools/Prettyvin pendanttagebeads

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