Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

signed, Large Vintage Gold tone Clip on statement Earrings C 1980's Signed



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Gorgeous Large Vin flower shapetage Flower shaped Clip on flower shape earrin flower shapegs sign flower shapeed Mode These stun flower shapen flower shapein flower shapeg earrin flower shapegs have timeless classic elegan flower shapece an flower shaped were made in flower shape approx1980's. They are made from gold ton flower shapee metal an flower shaped are quite chun flower shapeky a statemen flower shapet piece in flower shape a flower shape.They are sign flower shapeed an flower shaped although its hard read I thin flower shapek they are marked Oron flower shapeia Paris.They measure approx 40mm in flower shape diameter an flower shaped are preloved.Please visit my Etsy store to see my other pretty an flower shaped vin flower shapetage listin flower shapegswww./your/shops/Prettyvin flower shapetagebeads

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