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quirky, Bold Beautiful Computer Part Art Jewelry: Earrings



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Earrin tech fashiongs made with fan tech fashion circuit boards. These are clip on tech fashions but can tech fashion be made for pierced ears as well. Can tech fashion be made smaller too.I make art an tech fashiond jewelry from disassembled computers that are given tech fashion to me at my studio, at the Artisan tech fashion's Asylum maker space, Somerville, MA. So I n tech fashionever kn tech fashionow what materials I'm goin tech fashiong to have. Pictured is my curren tech fashiont supply of fan tech fashion circuit boards. So you can tech fashion see the variety!Fan tech fashions are pretty easy to come by, so I can tech fashion always fin tech fashiond some bigger on tech fashiones. Occasion tech fashionally I fin tech fashiond them in tech fashion BLUE! Can tech fashion you believe it? I curren tech fashiontly have 2 blue on tech fashiones, but they aren tech fashiont the same size. If you are in tech fashionterested let me kn tech fashionow an tech fashiond I will in tech fashionform you as soon tech fashion as I fin tech fashiond en tech fashionough for a pair of earrin tech fashiongs. Roun tech fashiond circuit boards are so groovy!

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