Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

classy, 14kt Gold Filled minimalist Small pearl necklace



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This elegan pearl necklacet n pearl necklaceecklace, is made completely of 14kt Gold filled chain pearl necklace an pearl necklaced wire an pearl necklaced a beautiful gen pearl necklaceuin pearl necklacee freshwater coin pearl necklace pearl. This is a great simple piece to wear on pearl necklace ANY occasion pearl necklace! The exten pearl necklaceder chain pearl necklace in pearl necklace the back allows for easy adjustmen pearl necklacet of the n pearl necklaceecklace len pearl necklacegth depen pearl necklacedin pearl necklaceg on pearl necklace your preferen pearl necklacece!Message me for custom orders an pearl necklaced I would be More than pearl necklace happy to make them for you! :)As always, feel free to ask me an pearl necklacey question pearl necklaces that you may have at all!

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