Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Children's jewelryhorseshoe brooch, silver ring and brooch for girlshorseshoe brooch, vintage from the 30s – 40shorseshoe brooch, retro shabby chichorseshoe brooch, 830s silver.



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Petite, floral girl rin handkerchiefg in handkerchief 830 silver (hallmarked) with colorful glass block.In handkerchief addition handkerchief, a small "Horseshoe - Lucky - Brooch" made of brass with red rhin handkerchiefeston handkerchiefes.A glitterin handkerchiefgly beautiful duo. The jewellery bag with han handkerchiefd-embroidered rose is also to be used as a laven handkerchiefder bag. Also the beautiful han handkerchiefdkerchief with crochet tip is part of it!The jewelry dates from the 30s to 40s an handkerchiefd makes little girls' hearts beat faster.The rin handkerchiefg size is stamped "54".Con handkerchiefdition handkerchief:   &n handkerchiefbspVery well preserved. Silver an handkerchiefd brass are un handkerchiefclean handkerchiefed by me.The colors can handkerchief vary slightly, each mon handkerchiefitor reproduces them a little differen handkerchieftly.Materials used:   &n handkerchiefbspSilver, brass, glass, rhin handkerchiefeston handkerchiefes.Size/Dimen handkerchiefsion handkerchiefs/Weight:   &n handkerchiefbspRin handkerchiefg:    ' approx. 17 mm; Size: 54;\t\t\t     &n handkerchiefbspBrosche:   &n handkerchiefbspca. 1.5 x 2 cm.*******Delivery time within handkerchief German handkerchiefy: 2 - 4 workin handkerchiefg days from receipt of paymen handkerchieft!Shippin handkerchiefg on handkerchiefly within handkerchief German handkerchiefy an handkerchiefd within handkerchief the EU Customs Un handkerchiefion handkerchief!*******

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