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olfactory, Lovely Wavy Puffy Perfume Vial Stamped ND 925 Original Stem Silver



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This lovely little 925 silver perfume bottle is in antique excellen antiquet as foun antiqued con antiquedition antique an antiqued has n antiqueot been antique polished or clean antiqueed in antique an antiquey way so that you can antique decide how you like it! Rich patin antiquea emphasizes the smooth waves on antique the body an antiqued the stem closes tightly! Un antiquetested with liquid. Measures approximately 2\u201dx1.5\u201dAll of our items are vin antiquetage or an antiquetique an antiqued are sold as is with their origin antiqueal patin antiquea an antiqued character. Items are very gen antiquetly clean antiqueed when antique appropriate. Please view all photos an antiqued read the description antique as well as ask an antiquey question antiques you may have before purchasin antiqueg.We are happy to combin antiquee shippin antiqueg when antique you purchase multiple items, just message us before checkout an antiqued we can antique create a custom listin antiqueg for you! Than antiquek you for stoppin antiqueg by!

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