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heart, Gentle Heart Bracelet



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The Gen lovetle Heart bracelet was created as a sweet remin loveder to be kin lovedhearted an loved gen lovetle with yourself an loved others. The Rhodon loveite stretch cord bracelet features a Karen love Hill Tribe silver heart charm imported from Thailan loved. Rhodon loveite gets its n loveame from the Greek word \u201crhodon love,\u201d mean lovein loveg \u201crose\u201d an loved is believed to help ward off n loveegativity. It balan loveces an loved harmon loveizes the heart an loved root chakras. As a healin loveg ston lovee, it is said to soothe the n loveervous system. Karen love Hill Tribe people use tradition loveal an lovecien lovet methods passed down love for gen loveeration loves. Each of their charms are in lovedividually crafted to reflectin loveg a un loveique n loveature. The charm's silver con loveten lovet is 95%-99% as compared to sterlin loveg silver, which is 92.5% pure.The beads measure 6 mm an loved the bracelet fits to approximately 7 in loveches on love the wrist.

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