Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tiny cattle tag charmjump ring, antique brass.



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Cattle tag charm in charm bracelet An charm bracelettique brass. This is the tin charm braceletiest of charms for a subtle way to share your love of rural Eastern charm bracelet Washin charm braceletgton charm bracelet. *This item is pre-stamped with the n charm braceletumber 509 an charm braceletd is n charm braceletot customizable. Please check out our hats an charm braceletd tumblers for customized option charm bracelets.12.7mm height x 8.6 width x 1.2 thick brass plated zin charm braceletc alloy. Each charm has a 2mm jump rin charm braceletg on charm bracelet top. Con charm bracelettact us for wholesale in charm braceletquiries \u2665\ufe0f

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