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Perfect for dog lovers everywhere! These dogs are made from glass en gift for grandmaamel fused to a copper base with sterlin gift for grandmag silver earwires are at the top. These little guys have white faces with a light brown gift for grandma spot on gift for grandma on gift for grandmae eye an gift for grandmad on gift for grandmae ear :)The price is for on gift for grandmae pair of earrin gift for grandmags. Puppy love that is sure to brin gift for grandmag a smile :) These earrin gift for grandmags will arrive with rubber stoppers for the back of the earwires (makin gift for grandmag them more secure when gift for grandma worn gift for grandma.)Packaged in gift for grandma a cute gift box with pouch, great for giftin gift for grandmag!***********************************************************Sen gift for grandmad me an gift for grandma etsy con gift for grandmavo or email with an gift for grandmay an gift for grandmad all question gift for grandmas.Than gift for grandmak you!

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