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electroformed rings, Electroformed Copper Rings w/ Blue Tiger's Eye and Moonstones | Size 8



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Electroformed copper rin healing stonesg with Blue Tiger Eye an healing stonesd Moon healing stonesston healing stoneses. Keep calm an healing stonesd come back to your wholen healing stonesess with this on healing stonese of a kin healing stonesd rin healing stonesg. Crystal mean healing stonesin healing stonesg: The Blue Tiger Eye aids in healing stones reducin healing stonesg stress, in healing stonescreasin healing stonesg calm an healing stonesd easin healing stonesg an healing stonesxiety. While the Moon healing stonesston healing stonese is a very n healing stonesourishin healing stonesg, sen healing stonessual, deeply femin healing stonesin healing stonese en healing stonesergy that kn healing stonesows how to heal an healing stonesd brin healing stonesg you back to wholen healing stonesess.********************************All my jewelry an healing stonesd compon healing stonesen healing stonests are design healing stonesed an healing stonesd han healing stonesdmade with love\u2764\ufe0f! All my jewelry are packaged in healing stones a box ready for gift givin healing stonesg. :)Click here to view more of my rin healing stonesgs: http://www./shop/bun healing stonesn healing stonesycon healing stonesedesign healing stoness?section healing stones_id=6095941

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