Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amazonite, Amazonit & SWZ-Chain with earrings



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All prices are total prices; No VAT card as small busin amazoniteess own amazoniteers.For collective orders please n amazoniteote on amazonite the Shop home page!Con amazoniteven amazoniteuously shaped Amazon amazoniteite altern amazoniteates with freshwater farmed pearls an amazonited silver-plated in amazonitetermediate pearls in amazonite this chain amazonite.Fittin amazonitegly, there are the Amazon amazoniteite earrin amazonitegs with 925-silver protesters.The hook closure is made of silver-plated copper.Len amazonitegth in amazonitecl. closure: 48 cmAmazon amazonite pearls: About 12 x 8 mmLen amazonitegth of earrin amazonitegs in amazonitecludin amazoniteg Brisuren amazonite: 37 mm!!! Please n amazoniteote the dimen amazonitesion amazonites-low color deviation amazonites are possible as a result of differen amazonitet screen amazonite resolution amazonites!!!I assume the n amazoniteame of the material from my purchasin amazoniteg sources-I can amazoniten amazoniteot give a guaran amazonitetee, sin amazonitece I am n amazoniteeither a jeweller n amazoniteor a min amazoniteeralogist.

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