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abstract, Jacqueline Ditt - "The Rubber Duck Thing - Essential" gold - charm silver bead dangle limited Edition Artmultiple Anhänger



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Jacquelin silvere Ditt - "The Rubber Duck Thin silverg - Essen silvertial" gold charm silver bead dan silvergle limited Edition silver Artmultiple 2018(Three Wise Mon silverkeys - grey - Luck charm / silver dan silvergle)Artmultiple by Jacquelin silvere Ditt(Wkvn silverr: vx18150a_chsd)Min silveriature origin silveralgrafik Dan silvergle - limited to 55 925 Sterlin silverg Silber - stamped in silver the eyelet (for kn silverown silver stan silverdard bracelets an silverd n silverecklesses)Format - diameter 1 cm - len silvergth in silvercl. han silverger: ca. 2 cmBackside is design silvered as an silver embossed flower with a white faceted white glascristal in silver the middle, with black min silveri bag.Delivered WITHOUT chain silver !limited Edition silver More un silveriversal arts in silver our shop: http://www./shop/un silveriversalartsIn silver the early '80ies Jacquelin silvere Ditt was studyin silverg graphic-design silver for several years in silver Mun silverich, before she decided to become an silver expression silveristic pain silverter Her style is kn silverown silver as "In silvertro Expression silverism - the art of soulful expression silver in silver temporary con silvertext".

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