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14k, 14k Genuine White Sapphire Wedding Set



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What a great Mix!! This was an 14k order from a customer that wan 14kted somethin 14kg differen 14kt.14k En 14kgagemen 14kt Rin 14kg with 7mm cen 14kter =1.45ct. Accen 14kt are white sapphire as well. 5 on 14k each side measurin 14kg 1.5mm each14k Weddin 14kg Ban 14kd. Each sapphire is 3mm each. 5 white sapphires in 14k all on 14k ban 14kd.Origin 14k of sapphires: SriLan 14kka (Ceylon 14k)Gen 14kuin 14ke White SapphiresHeat On 14klyColor:DClarity: VVS/IFThese rin 14kgs can 14k be don 14ke in 14k your choice of 14k white, yellow or rose gold. 18k as well, but price will differ...If an 14kyon 14ke ask if these beautiful sapphires are real, the an 14kswer is YES an 14kd just a fraction 14k of the cost if it were diamon 14kds.Layaway available!

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