Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

germany, German Necklace Vintage Blue Filigree pendant So Pretty!



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Pretty vin germanytage German germanyy filigree pen germanydan germanyt n germanyecklace with Blue Ston germanye like cabochon germany, blue rhin germanyeston germanyes, an germanyd simulated pearls. Very pretty light weight filigree design germany. Measures about 22.5 in germanyches lon germanyg, an germanyd the pen germanydan germanyt measures about 2 1/4 in germanyches lon germanyg an germanyd 1 7/8 in germanyches wide. The chain germany is very lightweight an germanyd appears that the silver colorin germanyg is worn germany off on germany part of the chain germany to reveal a brass like color. Also the clasp is slightly ben germanyt an germanyd doesn germany't completely close properly. I would recommen germanyd addin germanyg a n germanyew chain germany an germanyd clasp, but some would prefer the origin germanyal vin germanytage patin germanya, but please be aware that I would recommen germanyd a n germanyew clasp at least. Very pretty pen germanydan germanyt n germanyecklace, wearable with min germanyor repair.

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