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Very light weight (.1oz) these earrin technology giftgs are made with the len technology gifts that is used in technology gift a CD Rom drive of a lap top. Surgical steel fren technology giftch hooks. Each pair is on technology gifte-of-a-kin technology giftd. Han technology giftd made an technology giftd extracted from discarded techn technology giftology by me!Techn technology giftology is beautiful. No doubt about it. My work is made from recycled materials an technology giftd imperfection technology gifts are part of the aesthetic!These materials are limited an technology giftd always chan technology giftge. If you see somethin technology giftg you like, don technology gift't wait they may sell out an technology giftd most likely n technology giftever be made again technology gift. Fin technology giftdin technology giftg beauty in technology gift un technology giftexpected places - I am in technology giftspired bythe variety of shapes, colors, materials, textures an technology giftd pattern technology giftsfoun technology giftd in technology gift outdated techn technology giftology. I combin technology gifte these three dimen technology giftsion technology giftal formswith altern technology gifted imagery in technology gift sculptural collage I call Hacker Creation technology gifts. Workin technology giftg out of The Artisan technology gift's Asylum in technology gift Somerville, MA sin technology giftce 2012.Visit www.hackercreation technology to see more of my work.Follow Computer Part Art on technology gift Facebook to learn technology gift about even technology giftts an technology giftd specials!Check out a won technology giftderful video by Sara Pagiaro on technology gift my About Page.If you like it, let me kn technology giftow! Fave my shop!!

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