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This Too Shall Passsympathy gift, sterling silver cuffsympathy gift, inspirational braceletsympathy gift, silver bracelet by Kathryn Riechert



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These silver cuff bracelets are my most popular style, because they are easy to wear an silver braceletd stack with other bracelets, an silver braceletd the in silver braceletspiration silver braceletal messages are mean silver braceletin silver braceletgful for the wearer.I am n silver braceletow offerin silver braceletg 2 differen silver bracelett widths/styles. They are both made out of solid sterlin silver braceletg silver. The letterin silver braceletg is all han silver braceletd stamped letter by letter.The smaller cuff is about 3mm wide an silver braceletd 2mm thick an silver braceletd reads in silver bracelet a thin silver bracelet uppercase letterin silver braceletg: THIS TOO SHALL PASSThe larger cuff is about 3.5mm an silver braceletd 2mm thick an silver braceletd reads in silver bracelet a bolder block upper case letterin silver braceletg: THIS TOO SHALL PASSThe metal strip is 6" in silver bracelet len silver braceletgth an silver braceletd will fit most wrists. If you are giftin silver braceletg this bracelet to someon silver bracelete who is very petite, please let me kn silver braceletow an silver braceletd I can silver bracelet make on silver bracelete that is a little smaller (5.75" in silver bracelet len silver braceletgth.)I do make person silver braceletalized cuff bracelets that have your own silver bracelet message stamped in silver braceletto the metal. These listin silver braceletgs are available in silver bracelet the custom section silver bracelet of my shop: https://www./shop/Kathryn silver braceletRiechert?ref=hdr_shop_men silver braceletu\u00a7ion silver bracelet_id=5227703***********************************************************Sen silver braceletd me an silver bracelet etsy con silver braceletvo or email with an silver bracelety an silver braceletd all question silver bracelets.Than silver braceletk you!

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