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mid century modern, SIGNED Mid Century MODern Norwegian Bracelet / Vintage 1960's PEWTER Cuff Bracelet



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Made in mcm jewelry the 1960's, this vin mcm jewelrytage cuff bracelet has terrific Mod stylin mcm jewelryg by a Norwegian mcm jewelry silversmith. The pewter metal is sign mcm jewelryed by the mid cen mcm jewelrytury master artist Br\u00f8dren mcm jewelrye Mylius of Norway with a pelican mcm jewelry con mcm jewelrytain mcm jewelryin mcm jewelryg B M on mcm jewelry either side an mcm jewelryd registrar n mcm jewelryumber 39003. Circa 1960's. Features a bold, min mcm jewelryimal design mcm jewelry, with beautiful dimen mcm jewelrysion mcm jewelry an mcm jewelryd depth. There is a textured, patin mcm jewelrya en mcm jewelryhan mcm jewelryced backgroun mcm jewelryd. This vin mcm jewelrytage bracelet is approximately 6.5 in mcm jewelryches lon mcm jewelryg, an mcm jewelryd 1.25 in mcm jewelryches wide at the cen mcm jewelryter (widest poin mcm jewelryt). The pewter is thick an mcm jewelryd sturdy, but still malleable en mcm jewelryough to ben mcm jewelryd to fit a wide ran mcm jewelryge of wrist sizes. Suitable for a male or female. Con mcm jewelrydition mcm jewelry: VERY GOOD - it shows light wear to metal. There is on mcm jewelrye small spot where the patin mcm jewelrya is lighter.

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