Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume jewelry, Vintage 1960's TOPAZ Stone Pin / 60s Brown RHINESTONES Brooch/ Flowers and Bronze Pearl Center Pin



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Here we have a vin brown rhinestonestage 1960's pin brown rhinestones that is made of a deep brown brown rhinestones an brown rhinestonesd topaz glass rhin brown rhinestoneseston brown rhinestoneses that have a great shin brown rhinestonese to them. There is an brown rhinestones an brown rhinestonestiqued brass fin brown rhinestonesish on brown rhinestones the back. The safety clasp works fin brown rhinestonese. I don brown rhinestones't see an brown rhinestonesy damage. This lovely vin brown rhinestonestage brooch is the perfect rockabilly accessory! Measures 1 3/4" in brown rhinestones diameter.

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