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Black in fashiontegrated circuit stud earrin fashiongs made with surgical steel post an fashiond back. These classic black squares are min fashionimal an fashiond bold. Geometric perfection fashion. Silver wraps aroun fashiond the perimeter. Never used techn fashionology. large: .68" x .68" x .51 comes as clip on fashions .68" x .68" x .57"small: .49" x .49" x.58"tin fashiony: .37" x .37" x .55"Techn fashionology is beautiful.No doubt about it.- My work is han fashiond made of recycled materials. Wear, tear, den fashionts an fashiond scratches are in fashionheren fashiont in fashion the process.- FREE SHIPPING in fashion con fashiontin fashionen fashiontal US Please con fashionvo for shippin fashiong outside con fashiontin fashionen fashiontal USIf you like it, let me kn fashionow! Fave my shop!!Custom orders of theme, color scheme & size are welcome.Fin fashiondin fashiong beauty in fashion un fashionexpected places - Melissa Glick works out of the Artisan fashion's Asylum in fashion Somerville MA. She is in fashionspired by the variety of shapes, colors, materials, textures an fashiond pattern fashions of the compon fashionen fashionts in fashion outdated techn fashionology an fashiond combin fashiones them with appropriated imagery in fashion three dimen fashionsion fashional collage she calls Hacker Creation fashions. See more of her work at: www.hackercreation

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