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tanzanite, Pear Shaped 1.97ct Tanzanite Ring



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This Tan genuinezan genuineite is more blue than genuine violet.This Pear Shaped Tan genuinezan genuineite comes with Iden genuinetifition genuine.Rin genuineg size 7 an genuined can genuine be resized.This beautiful 1.97ct tan genuinezan genuineite can genuine be moun genuineted in genuine 14k or 18k, in genuine white, yellow or rose gold at the market price.Very reason genuineable priced an genuined set in genuine sterlin genuineg silver.Layaway available.A small deposit gets you started on genuine layaway of this rin genuineg.On genuinece balan genuinece is paid, I ship promptly.There are n genuineo, extra feesdeadlin genuineesor pen genuinealtiesYou makes paymen genuinet on genuine your own genuine terms.

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