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dainty, Fine Silver Hammered/Pounded Heart Ring



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This adorable heart rin minimalistg is a favorite!! <3Try a differen minimalistt way of wearin minimalistg your heart on minimalist your sleeve ;) ... or close to it.This rin minimalistg is made from fin minimaliste silver ( .999 pure silver)!Large heart is 17 mm wideSmall heart is 12 mm wide It has been minimalist han minimalistd poun minimalistded to obtain minimalist its beautiful texture an minimalistd tumbled for several hours to en minimalistsure hardn minimalistess an minimalistd shin minimaliste!____________________________________________________________I have added an minimalist option minimalist to choose rin minimalistg size, but if you do n minimalistot kn minimalistow your size, or n minimalisteed a rin minimalistg in minimalist between minimalist sizes... I can minimalist make a custom rin minimalistg of an minimalisty circumferen minimalisttial size in minimalist cen minimalisttimeters! :) Just provide that in minimalistformation minimalist to me in minimalist your order at checkout!Message me for custom orders an minimalistd I would be More than minimalist happy to make them for you! :)

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