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emerald cut stone, Deco Style Floral BROOCH - Central Lavender Stone - Two Toned Gold - Floral Design - Emerald cut stone



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ESTATE DECO STYLE FLORAL BROOCH WITH LAVENDER EMERALD CUT STONEGoddessan yellow golddco is pleased to offer for sale this won yellow goldderful Deco Style Floral brooch with two ton yellow golded 10k sculpted leaves an yellow goldd a high pron yellow goldg set luscious laven yellow goldder emerald cut ston yellow golde.Hallmarked an yellow goldd in yellow gold pristin yellow golde con yellow golddition yellow gold. MEASUREMENT: 60 mm x 42 mm x 5 mmWEIGHT: 9.12 total gram weightSIZE: Faceted ston yellow golde is 13 mm x 11 mm

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