Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dangly, Trick or Treat - Skulls earrings ... spooky goblin skulls / onyx / green jade



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Trick or treat, you're so n danglyeat.Give me somethin danglyg good to eat.Nuts an danglyd can danglydy, fruit an danglyd gum.I'll go away if you give me some.Playful cracked skull bells are embellished with glowin danglyg green dangly jade an danglyd hematite.Earrin danglygs are 2.5" lon danglyg.~|~~|~~|~Arrives packaged in dangly a gift box an danglyd ships within dangly 1-3 busin danglyess days of receipt of paymen danglyt. Please see the "Shop Policies" section dangly of my store for addition danglyal in danglyformation dangly on dangly paymen danglyts, shippin danglyg, gift n danglyotes, size adjustmen danglyts, an danglyd custom orders.\u00a9 Elemen danglyts & Artifacts 2016.

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