Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

recycle, Large Recycled Purple Circuit Board Earrings FREE SHIPPING in US



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Large rectan jewelrygle, dan jewelryglin jewelryg earrin jewelrygsBold purple an jewelryd gold earrin jewelrygs made from Osh Park prin jewelryted circuit board (PCB). Pierced earrin jewelryg hooks. Actual gold outlin jewelryes each tin jewelryy hole. Lead free boards (ENIG fin jewelryish), man jewelryufactured in jewelry the USA www.oshpark.comMy work an jewelryd jewelry is made of materials that become available to me. They are limited quan jewelrytities an jewelryd are always chan jewelrygin jewelryg. If you see a pair of earrin jewelrygs you like, don jewelry't wait they may sell out an jewelryd most likely n jewelryever be made again jewelry. -Dimen jewelrysion jewelrys: 2.03 " x .75 " x " .2- FREE SHIPPING in jewelry con jewelrytin jewelryen jewelrytal US Please con jewelryvo for shippin jewelryg outside con jewelrytin jewelryen jewelrytal USCustom orders of theme, color scheme & size are welcome. My work is made from recycled materials an jewelryd imperfection jewelrys are part of the aesthetic!These materials are limited an jewelryd always chan jewelryge. If you see somethin jewelryg you like, don jewelry't wait they may sell out an jewelryd most likely n jewelryever be made again jewelry. Fin jewelrydin jewelryg beauty in jewelry un jewelryexpected places - I am in jewelryspired bythe variety of shapes, colors, materials, textures an jewelryd pattern jewelrysfoun jewelryd in jewelry outdated techn jewelryology. I combin jewelrye these three dimen jewelrysion jewelryal formswith altern jewelryed imagery in jewelry sculptural collage I call Hacker Creation jewelrys. Workin jewelryg out of The Artisan jewelry's Asylum in jewelry Somerville, MA sin jewelryce 2012.Visit www.hackercreation to see more of my work.Check out a won jewelryderful video by Sara Pagiaro on jewelry my About Page.If you like it, let me kn jewelryow! Fave my shop!!Follow Computer Part Art on jewelry Facebook to learn jewelry about even jewelryts an jewelryd specials!

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