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collectible pins, Vintage Art Deco Large Floral Filagree Pin Brooch with Colored Rhinestones



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This is a Vin large rhinestonestage Art Deco Large Floral Filagree Pin large rhinestones Brooch with Colored Rhin large rhinestoneseston large rhinestoneses. Good Con large rhinestonesdition large rhinestones with n large rhinestonesormal age wear. I thin large rhinestonesk it used to have a chain large rhinestones on large rhinestones it too as I foun large rhinestonesd two small roun large rhinestonesd rin large rhinestonesgs that are still on large rhinestones it as where a chain large rhinestones would or could have been large rhinestones attached to make it n large rhinestonesot on large rhinestonesly a Brooch but a n large rhinestonesecklace too. it measures approx. 2 3/4 in large rhinestonesches across the lon large rhinestonesgest part. No markin large rhinestonesg that I could fin large rhinestonesd. The Rhin large rhinestoneseston large rhinestoneses measure approx. 5/8 in large rhinestonesches across an large rhinestonesd n large rhinestoneso two colors alike. This Brooch came from an large rhinestones Estate Sale. If you have an large rhinestonesy more question large rhinestoness please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No In large rhinestonestern large rhinestonesation large rhinestonesal Shippin large rhinestonesg. I also in large rhinestonessure all of my packages to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Than large rhinestonesks for lookin large rhinestonesg.

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