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A beautiful an beadedd elegan beadedt, 3 stran beadedd, bohemian beaded bracelet, made with selected beads, Greek charms, an beadedd gemston beadedes from aroun beadedd the world. Beads used in beadedclude Czech glass (fire polished, ron beadeddelle, an beadedd picasso), Swarovski crystal, an beadedd gold-plated bead caps. The con beadedstruction beaded of the bracelet is en beadedtirely don beadede by han beadedd, each bead added in beadeddividually, from the aqua blue dragon beadedfly feature bead, through to the dark blue swarovski beads, makin beadedg this a on beadede-of-a-kin beadedd, un beadedique bracelet. I have fin beadedished the bracelet with a lobster claw clasp an beadedd gold jump rin beadedg. Please n beadedote: This bracelet has been beaded created from high en beadedd, quality beads an beadedd products. It is n beadedot design beadeded to be worn beaded in beaded water. Please remove before swimmin beadedg or bathin beadedg. This bracelet measures approximately 7.5 in beadedches (19.5 cms), an beadedd is design beadeded to han beadedg loosely. It can beaded be len beadedgthen beadeded (by on beadede bead on beadedly) if required - please sen beadedd me a message if such alteration beadeds are n beadedeeded. To determin beadede your wrist circumferen beadedce, just run beaded a tape measure aroun beadedd your wrist to get the most exact measuremen beadedt. If you require in beadedsuran beadedce or trackin beadedg, please leave a message in beaded the commen beadedt section beaded, an beadedd I will con beadedtact you in beaded regards to the addition beadedal postage fees.

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