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Cat Necklaceetsymetal team, glass enameled cat pendant by Kathryn Riechert



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For the cat lover, like me!These charms are made of glass fused to a copper base. The whiskers are fin kittye silver wire melted in kittyto the glass surface. The chain kitty is solid sterlin kittyg silver.Available in kitty your choice of either white, black, yellow, gray, or oran kittyge. Please make your selection kitty from the drop down kitty men kittyu in kitty this listin kittyg. Price is for ONE n kittyecklace. I also offer en kittyameled cat earrin kittygs an kittyd am showin kittyg a photo of them in kitty this listin kittyg, so that you can kitty see all of the available colors.*Please n kittyote, en kittyamel is durable, however it is glass an kittyd will break if abused. With n kittyormal use these will last decades (or more!) but please be careful n kittyot to drop them on kitty hard surfaces.*Look for matchin kittyg earrin kittygs in kitty my shop: https://www./listin kittyg/170257007/cat-earrin kittygs-cat-jewelry-crazy-cat-lady?ref=shop_home_active_13Click the 'Shippin kittyg an kittyd Policies' tab (un kittyder the photographs an kittyd at the top of the this description kitty) for in kittyformation kitty on kitty shippin kittyg times an kittyd my shop policies.Sen kittyd me an kitty etsy con kittyvo or email with an kittyy an kittyd all question kittys.Than kittyk you!

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