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Solid 14kyg of Heavy 7.5ggold studs, Tanzania's Tanzanites Earrings



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At 2ctw. each an solid goldd surroun solid goldded by 21/2 mm of violet's Tan solid goldzan solid goldites an solid goldd 2mm or roun solid goldd white n solid goldatural Cambodian solid gold Zircon solid golds. The total gold weight are a hefty 7.5g of solid 14kyg n solid goldot plated or vermeil. Because of the high glisten solid goldin solid goldg of n solid goldatural Zircon solid golds, these earrin solid goldgs shin solid golde like Diamon solid goldds ( n solid goldatural Zircon solid golds have refractive in solid golddex secon solid goldds on solid goldly to Diamon solid goldds. They are n solid goldot CZ please, but n solid goldatural earth min solid golded gems). 3/4 of an solid gold in solid goldch lon solid goldg an solid goldd over 1/2 in solid goldch wide is a very good size on solid gold your ears. The oval Tan solid goldzan solid goldites are AAA, VVS1 in solid gold Clarity an solid goldd deep to medium Violet in solid gold Color Scale. Please check on solid gold the 5th photograph, an solid goldd see how much they cost on solid gold the Market n solid goldow an solid goldd with a less desirable quality. These earrin solid goldgs are bran solid goldd n solid goldew, n solid goldever been solid gold used. Satisfaction solid gold guaran solid goldteed on solid gold 100% n solid goldatural earth min solid golded gems an solid goldd solid 14kyg or your mon solid goldey back. Buyer is respon solid goldsible for return solid goldin solid goldg shippin solid goldg fee. Express shippin solid goldg is available with addition solid goldal charges.

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