Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Minimalist Earringseveryday earrings, papyrus texture imprinted onto sterling silvereveryday earrings, everyday earringseveryday earrings, coworker gift by Kathryn Riechert



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These min earringsimalist earrin earringsgs are made from solid sterlin earringsg silver an earringsd are imprin earringsted with texture from papyrus paper. The texture adds a bit of subtle in earringsterest an earringsd catches light from differen earringst an earringsgles. I have hammered the edges to complimen earringst the papyrus texture. Silver earrin earringsgs are easy to fit in earringsto an earringsy wardrobe, an earringsd these can earrings be worn earrings everyday with a casual pair of jean earringss or with a dressier outfit in earrings the office or out on earrings a date :) The metal strips are 1" in earrings len earringsgth.Sen earringsd me an earrings etsy con earringsvo or email with an earringsy an earringsd all question earringss.Than earringsk you!Coworker Gift Guide

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