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antique watch, Vintage Speidel Ladies Twist On Watch Band Still in Package 1960 Era



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This is a Vin watch collectorstage Speidel Ladies Twist On watch collectors Watch Ban watch collectorsd Still in watch collectors Package. 1960's Era. Old Stock, but still n watch collectorsew an watch collectorsd un watch collectorsused in watch collectors origin watch collectorsal package. Gold Ton watch collectorse in watch collectors color. The ban watch collectorsd measures approx. 5 1/2 in watch collectorsches lon watch collectorsg from measurin watch collectorsg it in watch collectors the package. I am n watch collectorsot sure how it con watch collectorsn watch collectorsects to the watch as I thought there had to be some small pin watch collectorss on watch collectors the en watch collectorsd an watch collectorsd I can watch collectorsn watch collectorsot tell if there are an watch collectorsy in watch collectors the package or n watch collectorsot. You buy as is n watch collectorso return watch collectorss.If you have an watch collectorsy more question watch collectorss please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No In watch collectorstern watch collectorsation watch collectorsal Shippin watch collectorsg. I also in watch collectorssure all of my packges to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Than watch collectorsks for lookin watch collectorsg.

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