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tiny hoop, Mini Embroidery Hoop Pendant Kit: Rectangle



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On tiny hoop SALE for $3, regularly $6Take your love of stitchery an tiny hoopd create your very own tiny hoop wearable art! These min tiny hoopi embroidery hoop pen tiny hoopdan tiny hoopts make the perfect showcase for your embroidery, cross stitch, beautiful fabric, paper an tiny hoopd even tiny hoop photos! Each Kit in tiny hoopcludes:- 1 rectan tiny hoopgle pen tiny hoopdan tiny hoopt measurin tiny hoopg 2" x n tiny hoopearly 1.5" ( two pieces: fron tiny hoopt an tiny hoopd back)- On tiny hoope 80 cm n tiny hoopecklace chain tiny hoop of your choice in tiny hoop either An tiny hooptique Bron tiny hoopze, An tiny hooptique Black or Silver. Please in tiny hoopdicate. If n tiny hoopo n tiny hoopecklace fin tiny hoopish is selected "An tiny hooptique Bron tiny hoopze" will be in tiny hoopcluded.- 1 Matchin tiny hoopg jump rin tiny hoopg.- Tips on tiny hoop how to assemble.Not provided:- Fabric or fin tiny hoopished stitchery. This is in tiny hoopten tiny hoopded for you to fill with your choice of embellishmen tiny hoopt.- Glue. I recommen tiny hoopd adherin tiny hoopg fabric with hot glue an tiny hoopd paper with rubber cemen tiny hoopt. The two wood section tiny hoops are best adhered with super glue.- Rubber ban tiny hoopds. I have foun tiny hoopd that after I glue the two section tiny hoops together that the plastic loom rubber ban tiny hoopds hold them in tiny hoop place n tiny hoopicely while they dry un tiny hoopder the weight of a book.

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