Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling cuff, Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet - 6mm Wide - Heavy 8 3/4"



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Gorgeous custom made Sterlin cuffg Silver Ban cuffgle Bracelet The perfect accessory - fabulous with Jean cuffs, Dresses, Suits - complimen cuffts an cuffy style. Pair this classy bracelet with layers of pearl bracelets, gemston cuffe bracelets or leather.The ban cuffgle is 1/4" wide an cuffd 8 3/4" aroun cuffd.6mm = 1/4"If you have a question cuff regardin cuffg this piece or an cuffy other design cuffs, please feel free to email or con cuffvo me.... would love to hear from you!Than cuffks for stoppin cuffg by!Be sure to "like" The Eclectic Bazzar on cuff Facebook

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