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vintage bracelet, Sterling Charm Bracelet 16 Charms 1960 -70 Era



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This is a Vin antique bracelettage Buddha Chin antique braceletese Asian antique bracelet chun antique braceletky an antique braceletd bold retro charm bracelet. It measures approx. 7 1/2" lon antique braceletg. For size comparison antique bracelet, the largest charm measures 1 1/2" lon antique braceletg an antique braceletd some by 1 1/8" wide. It has glass beads, faux beads, a Chin antique braceletese Coin antique bracelet, a Buddha with red, blue an antique braceletd green antique bracelet rhin antique braceleteston antique braceletes. There are Chin antique braceletese symbols, an antique braceletd much more. It appears to have a few missin antique braceletg charms as there are still some rin antique braceletgs on antique bracelet the bracelet with n antique braceleto charms in antique bracelet that area of the bracelet, but you could add your own antique bracelet. If you have an antique bracelety more question antique bracelets please ask before you purchase. I ship to the USA. No In antique bracelettern antique braceletation antique braceletal. I also in antique braceletsure all of my packages to the USA to make sure that they arrive to you safely. Than antique braceletks for lookin antique braceletg.

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